Group of Experimental Physics on Soft Condensed Matter

       The major research interest of our group is the experimental study of granular matter using synchrotron X-ray imaging techniques. Granular system is non-equilibrium, and forms amorphous solid if the packing fraction is high enough. Under external perturbation, granular packing may yield, collapse and finally become dense granular flow. We try to understand these phenomena by studying the microscopic structure and dynamics of the systems. We also develop synchrotron X-ray imaging techniques, including ultrafast inline and grating-based phase contrast CT, for granular physics and biomedical research.

         Topics of current interest include:
          1)granular random packing structure;
          2)deformation of granular packing under shearing;
          3)dense granular flow;
          4)X-ray grating-based phase contrast imaging methodology;
          5)biomedical X-ray imaging applications.